Thursday, January 27, 2022

Welcome to MB Mechanics

It takes more than a wrench and a book to properly maintain or repair, your vehicle, farm equipment, boat, quad, etc. Many people have the skills to take on their own repairs, but we are trained professionals and have the tools to do the job safely, and properly. We are equipped with the latest technologies and Red Seal Licensed to work on not only the Modern but also on Classics.
We can also provide replacement parts or install all kinds of accessories and do not forget to ask for our onsite service. 

We will never lure you in the door with low prices or free specials that can be misleading. Our prices are based on service, professional workmanship, quality parts, and our extensive experience in the industry.

We recognize that repairs can be costly but we believe you are paying for the best service possible at MB Mechanics.


The MB Mechanics Promise...

- We will always explain to you what your vehicle, farm equipment, boat, etc.
  needs and why it needs it.
- We will always be honest with our recommendations and will prioritize repair
  needs when cost exceeds budget.
- We are dedicated to help you and your family, drive and work safe,
  as efficient as we can.


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